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We have a Ghillie Suit for Bow-hunters, Paint-ballers, KidsSnipers, Wildlife photographers and Observers, and Costume-partiers. You can buy a Kit and build your own. We will even show you how to make one. Kits come with detailed instructions.We are ready to help and we are as close as your phone(704-620-2652), or an e-mail (james@ghilliesandstuff.com) if that's more comfortable for you. Call to negotiate!

The Woodsman

PP-NMS - The Woodsman

Retail Price: $159.95
Your price: $125.95

Ultra-Light Bow hunter's Jacket

PP-BOW - Ultra-Light Bow hunter's Jacket

Retail Price: $146.20
Your price: $129.95 - $209.95



Retail Price: $119.95
Your price: $109.95

Ultra-Light Long Ghillie Jacket

WULT-1LJ - Ultra-Light Long Ghillie Jacket

Retail Price: $155.95
Your price: $139.95

Ghillie Poncho - Synthetic Ultra light-Leafy

PPPL1 - Ghillie Poncho - Synthetic Ultra light-Leafy

Your price: $109.95

Sniper BDU Ghillie Suit (leafy shown)Ultralight synthetic

(BEST)PP-S-BDU-GS - Sniper BDU Ghillie Suit (leafy shown)Ultralight synthetic

Retail Price: $347.00
Your price: $289.95 - $389.95

10' x 20' Military Camo Mesh Netting - Desert

MS02BDC - 10' x 20' Military Camo Mesh Netting - Desert

Your price: $114.95

Woodland or Mossy blended Synthetic Thread

PP-Thread-WD - Woodland or Mossy blended Synthetic Thread

Your price: $20.00

Paintball Tracker Kit- Synthetic Mossy

PP-TK-M - Paintball Tracker Kit- Synthetic Mossy

Your price: $79.95

Bushrag Ultra-Lite Kit

WBR-1UL - Bushrag Ultra-Lite Kit

Your price: $79.95

Paintball Sniper 4-Piece

ST-10003 - Paintball Sniper 4-Piece

Retail Price: $139.95
Your price: $109.95

UV Killer clothing Spray 18 fl. oz

UVkill - UV Killer clothing Spray 18 fl. oz

Your price: $49.95

Paintball Ultra light Ghillie kit (7 Bundles of thread in your choice of colors)

PP-GKC - Paintball Ultra light Ghillie kit (7 Bundles of thread in your choice of colors)

Your price: $69.95

Nuke Alert

Nuke Alert 24/7 - Nuke Alert

Your price: $159.95

Ultra light BDU Ghllie Leafy Green

PP-G-BDU-GS-LG - Ultra light BDU Ghllie Leafy Green

Your price: $229.95 - $369.95

Potasium Iodide Thyro Safe

Thyro-SafeKI - Potasium Iodide Thyro Safe

Your price: $89.95

Paintball Ghillie Poncho

GHIL-P - Paintball Ghillie Poncho

Retail Price: $190.00
Your price: $179.95 - $199.95

Synthetic Ghillie Thread

PP-Thread - Synthetic Ghillie Thread

Your price: $20.00

Ultra light Ghillie Blanket 5' x 9'

PP-BP59 - Ultra light Ghillie Blanket 5' x 9'

Retail Price: $149.95
Your price: $109.95

Childrens Survival Kit

SKCK - Childrens Survival Kit

Your price: $79.95



Your price: $195.95 - $250.95


WG - Warrior

Your price: $119.95

NcStar 20-60x60 Spotting Scope With Tripod

NG206060G - NcStar 20-60x60 Spotting Scope With Tripod

Retail Price: $99.99
Your price: $89.95


2100 - Jackal

Your price: $169.95

Warrior Night Ops

WG-N - Warrior Night Ops

Retail Price: $129.95
Your price: $119.95


Shop our store by clicking any image you see or go to the menu on the left and select your area of interest. Feel free to browse, but keep your credit card handy, because you are sure to find a Ghillie suit you want. We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal

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Tips For Choosing Your Ghillie Suit


Once you decide that you need camouflage, it is immediately obvious that the best camouflage is a ghillie suit. After that, the choices become a little more confusing. They are made from jute, burlap, old rags, or synthetics. You can find some that are "one size fits all", and others that come in 12 different sizes. Most of them come in four different color patterns, but a few may have six or rarely eight choices of color pattern. The very best (and most expensive) suits are built on a base of BDUs covered with a sewn on mesh. At the other end of the scale there are those built of only the mesh and the ghillie material. There is a wide range of quality in these mesh only suits. Usually, the old adage, "you get what you pay for", works with ghillies as much as anything else.

Your first decision should be whether to go with jute or synthetic. My personal preference is for the synthetic. I believe the US Armed Forces agrees with that choice. Synthetics are not a fire hazard like the jute, burlap,and others. Synthetics lend themselves to cleaning better, will not rot, are mildew resistant and last a lot longer than others.

The color pattern for your ghillie will be dictated by the terrain in which you will be using it. It is generally accepted that the pattern called "woodland" is the closest to being a universal pattern, but it's not definitely suitable for all locales. Your area may require the "desert, mossy, leafy, timber, white" or some other combination of colors. Only you can decide which is best for you.

My advice as far as the size of your suit is to err on the side of too large. Personally, I would rather my ghillie be a bit large. Suits come in kids sizes all the way up to triple X long sizes and even bigger in some cases. If you're not sure, go large. A ghillie can always be cinched in smaller, but if it's not big enough, neither you nor the suit can do your jobs effectively. If you have an unusual build, consider pants and a jacket instead of a one piece suit. That way you can get one size for the jacket and another size for the pants. Pants and jackets are more practical in a lot of ways. If you damage either, you won't have to replace the entire suit.

As with any other purchase, buy the best you can afford. If your budget can handle it, the new ultra-light synthetic pants and jacket which are built on a set of BDUs with your option of camo pattern, give you the most bang for your buck. If that's out of your reach, the most popular suit available is the one referred to by some as the "Special ops paintball hunter suit" or by others as the ultra-light paintball suit. While not built on BDUs, it does have an inner liner that makes it really comfortable. Remember that all businesses have to make something from their products.

If you see one that is really cheap, ask yourself "why?"

Another consideration depending on what you are going to be doing is whether to get a ghillie to cover the entire body or will a head and shoulders suit do the job? A short poncho or maybe a ghillie jacket may be what you need. Quite often the legs are never exposed when still hunting or in a blind. Sometimes a paintballer will opt for nothing on the legs for the mobility.

One last comment on the new synthetic ultra-light suits. For a small fee you can get pockets in the jacket and/or the pants.


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