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How To Make A Ghillie Suit

Once you have decided a ghillie suit is for you, the next step is to decide whether to build or to buy. If you're going to build, will you do it with a kit or from scratch? If from scratch, just how scratchy do you want to go? The Martha Stewart route; grow your own fiber and concoct your dyes? Not in this day and time. If you want a suit that will last through a couple of seasons, then start with a jumpsuit or a set of mechanics overalls that fit you well and are comfortable.


Cover the exterior of your base with a one inch mesh fabric(about 5'x9'). Sew the mesh on securely with a sturdy fishing line. Next you will need about seven pounds of thread in varying earthtones cut into one foot lengths(1/2 that weight if you use the newer synthetic thread). Start tying clumps of these threads(4 to 6 per clump)to the mesh at intersections starting about six inches from the bottom. I like to start at the bottom because it makes it easier to tie the next row. If you start at the top, you'll always be fighting with what you've already done. Skip two or three intersections between clumps of thread. A single overhand knot is plenty for this task since the weight of the thread is going to hold itself in place. This also makes it easier to replace clumps and change colors later. Also, as you move up a row, stagger the thread so that the thread on the current row falls between the thread on the last row.


That's a lot of knots to tie, but it really goes by rather quickly and gives you a chance to catch up on your daydreaming. Somewhere in all this knot tying, you may find yourself reconsidering your decision to build your own suit. If you stick with it you will end up with a suit almost as good as a factory made one and have a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Once in the field with your homemade suit, the spaces you skipped can be used to "veg out" your suit with leafy twigs to match the terrain you'll be working in. The easiest way to "veg" out quickly is to roll around on the ground. Your suit will pick up enough leaves and twigs to make you blend naturally with your surroundings.You also need to do something about the smell of the suit. You can drag it around in cow patties if that appeals to your primitive instincts, or there are many good products on the market that can be easily applied in a more civilized fashion.


The mesh and the thread can be bought in kit form from many websites, mine included. That's all a kit consists of and you can build a one piece suit just from these pieces. The kits also come with directions which is a big help


If you feel you need more detailed instructions, please opt for a factory built suit. Your friends and family will be grateful.

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